About the Conference

More than ever, the city is the locus of human mobility. The majority of the world’s migrants and forcibly displaced live in urban areas. Migration continues to be a fundamental process to the development and growth of cities.  The role of cities in shaping mobility and that of migrants in shaping cities have been increasingly recognized in policy, academic, and media circles.  Understanding this relationship and its implications for political and policy action requires us to gather new evidence from cities the world over and to possibly challenge past assumptions and theoretical concepts.

Key questions that emerge in this context are: What is the role of urban governance in addressing the challenges and in harnessing the opportunities that come with migration? How do cities negotiate contested views surrounding the topic of migration? How do new forms of mobility and technological advances affect membership and belonging? How do shifting narratives on migration and displacement shape political and media discourse?  

This virtual conference is organized by the Cities and Human Mobility Research Collaborative, a consortium that aims to advance research on cities, mobility, and citizenship. The event will bring together leading scholars from across disciplines with the purpose of sharing recent research on the following themes: (a) Cities, Human Mobility and Digital Citizenship, (b) Cities and Environmental Mobility, (c) Mobility and Urban Governance, (d) Cities, Migration and Contentious Politics, (e) Refugees and Cities, (f) New Narratives on Cities and Mobility.

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